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Thursday, 11. December 2014

Green light for the ELT

João Alves on the recent decisions of how, when and why to build ESO's ELT

Monday, 24. November 2014

Seeing into the Heart of Mira A and its Partner

An international team of astronomers - among them F. Kerschbaum and A. Mayer - used ALMA to gain new insights into the wonderful complexity of the Mira AB system

Saturday, 22. November 2014

Astronomical Art in Santiago de Chile

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago displays the exhibition "Bajo Presión", including works by the Austrian astronomer and visual artist Ulrike Kuchner

Saturday, 25. October 2014

Chaotic cosmic wombs may birth backwards planets

Eduard Vorobiev, D.N.C. Lin & Manuel Güdel find a new possible scenario of the formation of planetary systems

Thursday, 2. October 2014

We welcome at our institute:

Dr. Christine Nicholls ...

Wednesday, 1. October 2014

200 galaxies in 3D

Second Data Release for CALIFA

Friday, 5. September 2014

Job offer at the Department of Astrophysics

University assistant (prae-doc) in the research group "astronomical instrumentation"

Tuesday, 29. July 2014

"Rote Riesen, weiße Zähne und das größte Radioteleskop der Welt"

A public talk by Matthias Maercker at the university campus (conference "Why galaxies care about AGB stars III", starting at 7 P.M.)

Monday, 28. July 2014

The international conference "Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars III"...

... is taking place from July 28th to August 1st in Vienna's university campus (local organizers: F. Kerschbaum, J. Hron, Th. Lebzelter et al.)

Tuesday, 22. July 2014

"Echography of young stars reveals their evolution"

A "Science" paper by K. Zwintz, R. Kuschnig, W. Weiss et al.

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