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Friday, 13. May 2016

Upcoming public talk "Nachts auf der Sternwarte":

"Classifying the stars" by Christine Nicholls, PhD (in English). Starting at 6 PM in the Littrow auditorium.

Tuesday, 12. April 2016

CALIFA third data release of spectral data cubes

Bodo Ziegler, João Alves and their teams proudly present data on 667 nearby galaxies

Wednesday, 6. April 2016

We welcome Prof. Tadayuki Kodama as guest professor

In addition to his research collaboration, he is giving a lecture on "The early evolution of galaxies and clusters"

Tuesday, 5. April 2016

Beginning of Prof. Hans Olofsson's guest lecture series:

"Radio astronomy" - starting April 5th in the Littrow auditorium

Thursday, 31. March 2016

Post-Doc position available at the Department of Astrophysics...

... with Prof. Bodo Ziegler's working group, application deadline: 10th May 2016.

Friday, 18. March 2016

Phase A kick-off for MOSAIC, the Multi-Object Spectrograph of the ELT

Prof. Bodo Ziegler and his team are looking forward to using MOSAIC for studying the first galaxies in the universe


02.05.16 - 15:00

Dr. Tommaso Grassi (Centre for Star and Planet Formation, NHM, and Niels Bohr Institute, Univ. of...

Modelling the microphysics with KROME
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