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Friday, 8. May 2015

We invite you to our next scheduled public talk:

"How far awya are the stars?" (by Dr. Jan Forbrich, in German, starting at 6 PM in the observatory's Littrow auditorium)


01.06.15 - 15:00

Prof. Elaine M. Sadler (University of Sydney/CAASTRO)

Neutral Hydrogen in the Distant Universe
18.05.15 - 15:00

Prof. Daniel Grumiller (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna)

The dark side of the universe
11.05.15 - 15:00

Dr. Matthew D. Lehnert (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, IAP)

The role of turbulence in enhancing or inhibiting star formation in AGN hosts and intense starbursts
04.05.15 - 15:00

Hans Ulrich Kaeufl (ESO Garching, Germany)

Thermal Infrared Instrumenatation at the VLT: Status, Science Potential and Outlook
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