Studying Astronomy

The University of Vienna offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies in astronomy.

The BSc studies in astronomy have a nominal duration of 6 semesters. At this level, the courses are being held in German. Since mathematical and physical principles provide fundamental tools for astrophysical research, you will receive a thorough education in these areas during the first semesters.

The subsequent MSc studies in astronomy have a nominal duration of 4 semesters. The goal is to deepen your knowledge in e.g. cosmology, extragalactic as well as stellar astronomy and planetary dynamics. Some MSc courses are being held in English.

Not only astronomical and physical concepts are being taught during this study, but also a manifold of computer skills, especially in the field of programming. This will enable you to find jobs in other fields as well, e.g. in the IT sector.

At the Vienna University Observatory - where most of the astronomy courses are held - you will enjoy a high degree of individuality: since the student-teacher relationship allows personal supervision. You will be actively involved in research at a very early stage. As a result, contacts with the international scientific community can be made quite early in the course of study.

Since German is the prevailing language in astronomy courses at the University of Vienna, most information on the sub-pages of this website is provided in German as well.