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Odysseas Dionatos, PostDoc in Manuel Güdel's Gruppe (FP 7 - Projekt)

Arbeitsgebiete und Curriculum vitae von Odysseas Dionatos:

Odysseas works on the physics and chemistry of young stars with emphasis on the earliest, embedded stages. He has focused on observations of warm gas associated with low-mass protostars and their outflows and jets using data from the Herschel Space Observatory as well as ground-based submillimeter telescopes. Odysseas earned his PhD from the University of Athens, having worked as a Marie Curie Fellow at the Observatory of Rome.

Before moving to Vienna, he worked at the Centre for Star and Planet Formation and the Niels Bohr Institute at the, University of Copenhagen.
In Vienna he is joining forces for DIANA - an FP7 EU funded project focusing on the analysis and modeling of multi-wavelength data from disks around low mass protostars.

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