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9th Humboldt Colloquium on Celestial Mechanics

International conference on celestial mechanics with applications in space science

The current and 9th Huboldt Colloquium on Celestian Mechanics will take place in the beautiful city of Bad Hofgastein in Salzburg, Austria from 19.03.2017 to 25.03.2017. As it has been for several times during the last decades, the charming Hotel Winkler is our generous host for over 50 scientists from Europe, Brazil, China, Russia and the USA.

The present topic of the meeting is 'Close Approaches and Collisions in Planetary Systems'. The title reflects the scientific challenges we have been dealing with during this conference series that have always been inspired by open questions in space dynamics, solar system research and studies of extrasolar planetary systems.

You can get more information on the official website.

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