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Asteroid Day 2017

The Institute for Astrophysics is participating at the worldwide 'Asteroid Day'.

The Asteroid Day is a yearly movement, created to show people the danger through asteroids at the possibilities of protection against them. The UNO officially declared the 30th June for this purpose. The date in inspired by the 'Tunguska event' in 1908, the biggest known collision with an asteroid since the existence of mankind.

Many institutions are part of this event and are organising many activities to show their participation. Our institute will also be a part of the Asteroid Day. We want to invite you to presentations or other installations like video simulations or a remote observation with the 1.5m-telescope of the Leopold Figl Observatory at the Schöpfl. You can take a look at our program downwards (enlarge it by clicking on it). Admission is free.

More information on the Asteroid Day can be found on the official Homepage.

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