Nachts auf der Sternwarte

The lecture series "Nights at the Observatory" presents an extensive program of lectures on a variety of topics on astrophysics. The lectures are accessible to the general public and are held in German or English (see program). After the talk there is a visit to the Great Refractor.

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The universe in the computer

Sylvia Plöckinger

Many processes in the universe happen on huge scales, both spatially (millions of light years) and temporally (billions of years). These processes can therefore often not be tested in the laboratory and only to a limited extent with measurements, because observations always show us only a snapshot from the different stages of galaxy evolution. Computer simulations are used to test theories of cosmology (for example, what exactly might dark matter be made of?) and galaxy evolution. Comparing the properties of simulated galaxies and observed galaxies allows conclusions to be drawn about the accuracy of the theories being tested. Cosmological simulations model not only individual galaxies, but a volume of the universe containing an entire galaxy population with thousands of galaxies. These simulations are very expensive and require the computational power of modern supercomputers. Over the past few decades, these simulations have become increasingly detailed and informative. How do these simulations work and what is important to create a realistic universe in the computer?

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