Administrative information for the MSc degree

As with the Bachelor's degree, it is also necessary to take a few steps into account at the end of the Master's Program, if you want to get your degree promptly and before various deadlines. The SSC is the point of contact. All the required steps and forms are on the homepage of th SSC.

The examination pass should be complete before the master's examination. This means that all modules must be completed except for the master's thesis. Only then can the degree be taken into consideration.

To register for the defence of the master's thesis, it is necessary to organize the following things:

  • Chairperson: The Defensio Committee needs a chair. You suggest the members and ask them about appointments. The vice director of studies approves the chairmanship but does not appoint them. You propose the members or the chairmanship and ask them about dates.
  • Examiners: The two examiners on the commission are usually habilitated, with one person already generally supervising your work. This examiner asks questions about the subject area of the master’s thesis. The second examiner asks you about a different area of astronomy. The sub-areas roughly correspond to the compulsory courses of the elective modules.
  • Room: You have to organize the room for the exam. Room reservations can be made in the institute's secretariat. If you have any questions, please email them.
  • The presentation on the defence should last between 20 and 30 minutes, followed by the exam.
  • The defence is what is known as a public examination. If the current regulations of the University of Vienna allow it, other people can also be present.