Research networks and platforms

The Institute of Astrophysics is involved in the following research networks at the University of Vienna:

Third-party funded projects

Innovation in research is often enabled and driven by third-party funded projects: Since 2015 five European Research Council (ERC) grants, an outstanding National Research Network (NFN) funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and a big ESA Prodex project have been awarded to scientists of our department. Next to these projects, our postdoctoral researchers gained many national and international projects (MSCA-PF, EU H2020, FWF ESPRIT, FWF Lise Meitner Fellowships, FWF Elise Richter Fellowships). Browse through the list below.

Running third-party funded projects

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Alves, J., Möller, T., Ratzenböck, S. & Schönfelder, P.


Project: Research funding

Galactic ArchaeoLoGy based on K-band and Optical Spectroscopy

van de Ven, G. & Breda, I.


Project: Research funding

Stellar/Solar Radiation and Particle Interaction with Athmospheres

Dorfi, E. & Lammer, H.


Project: Research funding

Chaotic streams and risks for Earth due to passing stars

Pilat-Lohinger, E. & Maindl, T.


Project: Research funding

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Completed third-party funded projects