Study astronomy

The study subject astronomy includes experimental and theoretical knowledge about planets, stars, galaxies and the cosmos, as well as everything visible and invisible that lies in between. This broad field of research has meant that astronomy has proven itself as an independent field of study at the University of Vienna for many years. All of the aspects mentioned are addressed in this course. Since mathematical and physical principles represent a fundamental tool for research work, future astronomers are intensively confronted with them for six semesters in the bachelor's degree. In this way, even students with little previous scientific knowledge are optimally introduced to the basic knowledge of the subject. In four semesters of the master's degree, this basic knowledge is deepened and applied to astrophysical problems and questions. This opens up a diverse and very active global research field for students.

There are 5 major topics on this page. Starting with information for those interested in Astronomy before starting to study astronomy; trying to decide if it is right for them. Important information for students in the Bachelor Astronomy or Master Astronomy. Information about the doctorate can also be found here. If you have any questions or need to get in touch, the Contacts & general information page offers further information.