Recommendations regarding the sequence of events involved in completing the Master Thesis 

By the time one begins to work on one’s thesis, one should have completed Master programme courses worth, in total, roughly 60 ECTS. It is especially important to have completed the elective courses (Wahlmodule) and advanced courses (Vertiefungen) dealing with the topic of one’s thesis (totalling at least 12 ECTS). 

Necessary Steps and Recommended Target Dates in completing a Master Thesis:

  1.  Coming to an understanding regarding the topic and research question with one’s advisor
  2. Immediately afterwards: Reporting the topic of one’s thesis and one’s (requested) advisor in the form of a one-page exposé, to be sent to the Vice-Director of Studies. The exposé is also to be submitted to the conductor of the Research Seminar. 
  3. Four weeks after Step 1: Feedback regarding the exposé
  4. Approval of the topic and advisor by the Vice-Director of Studies of the Directorate of Studies 28.
  5. Feedback from one’s advisor and continuous discussion and review.
  6. Five months after Step 3: Submission of the first draft of the full thesis to one’s advisor.
  7. Feedback and corrections given by one’s advisor.
  8. Within one month: Revision of the thesis according to the feedback and corrections. 
  9. Submission of the electronic final draft, to be subjected to a plagiarism assessment.
  10. Within two weeks of Step 8: Result of the plagiarism assessment. 
  11. Immediately after Step 8: Submission of two bound copies of the thesis after passed plagiarism assessment.
  12. Within two months of Step 10: Submission of the advisor’s assessment of the thesis to the Directorate of Studies 28.
  13. Two weeks after Step 11: Defensio of the thesis.