Information regarding the (old) Master curriculum of 2009

All students still subject to the old curriculum (described in the University newsletter published on April 9th, 2009) must complete their studies by November 30th, 2018, a deadline defined in the new curriculum, given in the newsletter published on June 30th, 2016. 

In order to guarantee the completion of one’s studies before this deadline, it is necessary to take into account several bureaucratic procedures. For example, the thesis must be submitted by August 31st, 2018. It is also necessary to note that the maximum period of time needed to register grades, or to receive credit for completed courses, is one month.

It is possible, at any time, to switch from the old Master programme to the new by filling out the necessary form and sending it to the SSC.

The following table represents only a rough guide to course equivalences.


Individual solutions are to be worked out in consultation with the relevant Vice-Director of Studies, making an effort to find courses of similar scope and content.

Old CurriculumECTSECTSNew Curriculum

Astronomical Instruments II


WM-c-Inst Astronomical Instrumentation or PM-Astr Emphasis in Astronomy

Astrophysics II


WM-a-Gal Extragalactic Astronomy or PM-Astr Emphasis in Astronomy

Practical training in numerical astronomy


WM-c-Num Practical Numerical Astronomy Course

Practical in observation oriented astronomy


APM-c-Beob Practical Course in Observation-Oriented Astronomy

Mandatory module Stars and Planets


WM-b-Stern Stellar Structure and Stellar Evolution 


WM-b-Planet Planets and Extrasolar Planets

Mandatory module Milky way and interstellar medium


WM-b-ISM Star Formation and Interstellar Medium

Mandatory module Methods and instruments in astronomy


WM-c-Inst Astronomical Instrumentation or PM-Astr Emphasis in Astronomy

Mandatory module Classical Astronomy, Celestial Mechanics and History of Astronomy


WM-b-Planet Planets and Extrasolar Planets or PM-Astr Emphasis in Astronomy

Mandatory module Cosmology and extragalactic astronomy


WM-a-Uni Early Universe

Mandatory module Consolidation in 2 of the previously mentioned mandatory modules


PM-Astr Emphasis in Astronomy

Optional Module Group

2014PM-Astr Vertiefung Astronomie oder PM-NaWi Vertiefung in fachnahen NaWi