Nachts auf der Sternwarte

The lecture series "Nights at the Observatory" presents an extensive program of lectures on a variety of topics on astrophysics. The lectures are accessible to the general public and are held in German or English (see program). After the talk there is a visit to the Great Refractor.

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Taste-testing recipes for "baking" galaxy disks

Imagine taking a bite of a delicious meal and having to guess all the ingredients, in what order they were put in and how it was cooked – just from that one taste. Our task as astrophysicists is quite similar – from one image of a galaxy we need to figure out all the events and ingredients that led to it ‘tasting’ that way. In thistalk I’ll give some cooking analogies to describe the challenges in understanding the formation of disk galaxies – including one ingredient in the recipe which remains a mystery to scientists – dark matter.

The lecture will be held in the lecture hall of the University Observatory and
and will also be streamed online. You can find the link to the video stream below under the section "livestream".

Ryan Leaman

In English