A*-Vienna: Software for ground-based instrumentation

Group Leader: Kieran Leschinski

A comparison of the resolution of an existing instrument (HAWKI on the VLT) versus the future MICADO imager at the ELT. The A*-Vienna group is responsible for writing the software that will allow the ELT instruments to produce such images.

(Credit: Kieran Leschinski)


Our goal is to create advanced software tools for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). We aim to help scientists make significant discoveries in the universe by providing innovative software solutions that maximize the ELT's potential. Through collaboration, creativity, and ongoing development, we're committed to enhancing cosmic exploration.


Research focus

  • Instrument data simulation software: We have developed the ScopeSIm data simulation ecosystem to enable astronomers to simulate potential future observations with the ELT.
  • Data reduction pipelines: We are developing the data reduction pipeline for the METIS mid-infrared imager and spectrograph at the ELT.
  • ELT Science case feasibility studies: We are actively involved in many of the scientific feasibility studies being conducted by the science teams in the MICADO, METIS, and MOSAIC instrument consortia.