Regardless of which of the following places you seek advice from, you must always send all inquiries from YOUR Uni-Vienna address: Only messages in this form can be assigned to you and will be replied to.

Please follow the order in which you ask questions:

  1.      Read through all websites and information in written form
  2.      Contacting the StV (student representatives)
  3.      Student assistant
  4.      Contacting the SSC (Studies Service Center)
  5.      Secretariat
  6.      vSPL (vice director of studies)

Student representatives

You as a student have various representations at different levels. On the federal level, within the University of Vienna, at the faculty level (FGGA), and in the field of your study. The most important ones are the ÖH, the so-called Austrian Students' Union and the student representatives, the StVs. Both are elected every two years by students.

The ÖH Uni Wien offers various departments that can support you, for example, with funding and legal issues. Visit their website to get in touch and for more information.

One of your most important contacts for questions about your studies should be the Astronomy Student representatives (StV Astro. A lot of information and contact can be found on their website.

Large overlaps ensure that the physics student representatives, called the red vector physics, can also be very helpful for you. There are valuable tips on their homepage, especially in the first semesters.

Student assistent

The current study assistant, Sarah Stidl, can help with specific study-related or individual problems. If in doubt, help is recommended. Face-to-face or digital meetings are also possible by email agreement.

Studies Service Center (SSC)

The Studies Service Center (SSC) of the Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy (FGGA) is responsible for the administrative organization of the study program management (SPL). This SSC is accountable for SPL 28, SPL 29 and SPL 45. Astronomy is part of SPL 28. You will find important information there, as well as access to forms for submitting a master thesis, recognition of achievements, and much more. It is possible to contact them in case of problems.


During the opening hours of the secretariat or by e-mail, the team can help you with room reservations, clarify responsibilities for questions, and with administrative problems.

vSPL and student assistant

The vice director of studies (vSPL) for astronomy is responsible for the organization of teaching and communication between teachers and students. They work in cooperation with the other SPLs of study program management 28. It is possible to contact them directly via email, but we ask that you keep to the above order in the event of problems and questions.
If the SSC or the secretariat deems it necessary, they will of course forward the information directly to vSPL.
Due to a large number of responsibilities, some inquiries sent to the vSPL by e-mail may also be answered by the current student assistant.