Master Astronomy

On this page, you will find some explanations of important organizational areas of the master's program.
Did you (almost) complete your "Bachelor's in Astronomy" at the University of Vienna? Would you like to learn more about the universe, the stars, planets, small bodies and physical mechanisms? Then welcome back to the master’s program in astronomy. You can find out more about registration through admission for the master program.

If you have not already completed your bachelor's degree in astronomy at the University of Vienna, but in a subject-related field of study and/or another university, there are a few important things to consider when you register for the master's program. First of all, read through the various websites and information as well as the curriculum to find out what to expect in the master's degree. Depending on your undergraduate degree, you may have to do some courses from the bachelor program. You can inquire about this at the local student representatives (StV) and then seek an interview with the responsible Vice-Study Program Director (vSPL). The necessary steps are summarized in the sub-item Admission to a master's degree subject-related preliminary study.

General dates and facts about the master’s degree in astronomy can be found at the University of Vienna.