Pre-study: Bachelor Astronomy University of Vienna

If you have already completed a bachelor's degree in astronomy at the University of Vienna, you can start with the master program straight away. All you have to do is submit an online registration via u:space within the admission period. Follow the steps for admission to the master's program with a degree from the University of Vienna.

Pre-study: subject-related studies

The homepage of the University of Vienna describes in detail the general steps for admission to a Master's Program. Concerning deadlines and formalities, please use the admissions page of the University of Vienna or the Master Access Guide.

Depending on which field of natural sciences (NaWi subjects) your pre-study is from the core competencies can vary. In general, a maximum of 30 ECTS from additional courses, must be acquired.

These core competencies need to be discussed with the responsible vSPL. (See Contacts)

Usually, core competencies for an entry into the Master of Astronomy with a Bachelor in Physics are:

  • Astrophysics I (VU, 8 ECTS), & Astrophysics II (VU, 8 ECTS)
  • Astronomical Instruments (VU, 7 ECTS)
  • Theoretical Astrophysics (VU, 7 ECTS)

Typical bachelor's degrees that make it easy to get started:

  • Bachelor Physics
  • Bachelor of Meteorology
  • Bachelor of Earth Science
  • Bachelor Chemistry

In general, NaWi basic studies can work with corresponding imitation core competencies, but it could be worthwhile to do a bachelor’s degree in astronomy. Depending on your basic studies, you can then credit courses for your studies and thus imitate the bachelor’s degree more quickly and enter the master’s with good understanding.