Graduation steps

Once you have reached the higher semesters and submitted your bachelor thesis, the question often arises: How do I graduate now?

This is a brief guide:

  1. Control all courses in your exam pass in u:space:
    Are they all in the dedicated module, or are there still courses in the interest module? (all traffic lights green)
    1. If there are still courses in the interest module that require allocation, use the internal allocation in u:space. Click on the eye next to the grade in the interest module. Through the field that opens, you can change the assignment in the dropdown menu.
    2. If allocation via u:space is not possible, it is necessary to make an allocation using the form on the homepage of the study service centre (SSC) and send this to the vSPL by e-mail from your u:account.
    3. If courses from another field of study are missing, you should submit the crediting form, also from SSC, to the vSPL by e-mail from your u:account.
    4. The duration of the allocation or crediting depends heavily on the current number of applications, but should not take longer than two weeks in the case of an allocation, and no longer than four weeks for crediting (formal deadline 2 months).
    5. Credits and allocations should not be completed just before the planned completion, but as soon as possible after completing the course. Longer waiting times are also to be expected at the beginning of the semester since the responsible authorities have a number of other obligations.
  2. If all services are assigned correctly, you can fill out the necessary survey to collect statistical data and print out the confirmation of receipt.
  3. With the confirmation of receipt of the statistical data and a printout of the last study book sheet, it is possible to apply to the SSC for the completion of the Bachelor's degree during opening hours (note the SSC information on the homepage regarding digital or analogue communication).
  4. The processing of the application usually takes 2 weeks (maximum 4 weeks) and after completion, you will receive an e-mail with the information when you can get your final decision (your certificate and co.).

If you want to continue with a master's degree after completing your bachelor's degree, you can do so by sending an email to the Admissions Office or online in u:space from the time your application is completed within the admission deadlines. There shouldn’t be too much time between the completion of the bachelor’s degree and the application for admission to the master’s program.