Bachelor Astronomy

The following pages are intended to help you finish your study pleasingly. The entry guides offer enrollment information. Under the sub-item first semester, we have tried to answer important recurring questions regarding starting a university study. It continues with the course of the study describing the course load. Should something be unclear, however, do not hesitate to ask. Under contacts, you will find contact persons for various matters.

Some general facts about the bachelor's degree in astronomy have been summarized on the Study University of Vienna page. There you will also find contact options if you have any further questions. If you are already at the end of your study, the Bachelor's degree page provides you with an overview of the steps required to complete your studies. In this context, you may also be interested in the point admission to the master's program in astronomy.

Should you find out in the course of your astronomy studies that your interests or focus lie in another area, you can change your studies easily. There may be restrictions and deadlines for financial aid, which you should find out about from the responsible authorities. The astronomy bachelor's program at the University of Vienna is structured in such a way that it is possible to switch to a physics degree or a meteorology degree almost at any time. If you would like more information, please contact the relevant student representatives.