Sternwarte Sustainability Group

The Sternwarte Sustainability Group was established in December 2022 and is based at the Department of Astrophysics, in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy. The group is currently composed of over 10 team members including research staff, PhD and MSc students, and admin staff, and it mainly aims at carrying out activities and implementing improvements that could make the Sternwarte more “green” and more energy-efficient.

Despite its very recent formation, the Sustainability Group has already successfully implemented several actions at the Sternwarte, such as promoting the installation of new bike racks with a roof to protect bicycles from rain and snow and therefore encourage their use also in non-optimal weather conditions, setting up recycling bins and battery collection boxes, helping to significantly reduce energy and gas consumption, and creating a terrace vegetable garden. 

Sternwarte Sustainability Group initiatives

Current team members

Laurane Fréour, Daniela Große Kathöfer, Shelley-Anne Harrisberg, Andrea Kohut, Efrem Maconi, Núria Miret Roig, Laura Posch, Sebastian Ratzenböck, Andrea Socci, Sabine Thater, Gwenaël van Looveren, Lukas Winkler, Alice Zocchi


Sternwarte Sustainability Group

Institut für Astrophysik
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